Internet Scrabble Club


Please keep in mind that by logging on you have entered a Private Scrabble Club. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner by respecting the rights of others at all times.

NOTE: It is not within the scope of these files to define all actions concerning conduct. However, the following would fall in the category of unacceptable conduct and abuse of the system.

1. Choosing a handle that contains foul language, words, numbers or sexual messages in an obvious attempt to be lewd is strictly forbidden.

2. Offensive language or verbal harassment using tells, messages or finger notes.

3. Flooding someone with match, abort, adjourn requests, tells, messages, sounds or images.

4. Trying to communicate with or to play with a player who is in your noplay list or who has you in his noplay list.

5. Any action that will increase your rating or somone else's rating artificially.

6. Helping a player while you are observing his game even if he is playing against a computer.

7. Using a computer program or an anagram program to help your game. If you think that your opponent is using a computer program report him but please don't call him names.

8. Intentionally disconnecting in a lost position or refusing to resume an adjourned game, or repeatedly resigning or aborting your games.

NOTE: There is no policy against using a dictionary during a game. However, some players consider this to be unethical. The ISC doesn't allow the use of the check command during the game, but lists of 2, 3, and 4 letters words are available on line.

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