Internet Scrabble Club


Every time you connect the ISC server records the IP number of the connection, the handle name, the interface used and the machine ID. The Machine ID is a string which uniquely identifies the computer on which the connection was made.

Private Communication
ISC does not record the communication between two players. Any such conversation you have with another user , using TELL or SAY commands , is totally private. However , ISC software gives you the possibility to relay such information to an admin using REPORT command (report ).

Credit Card Information
ISC does not collect credit card information. All payments made to ISC are handled by a credit card processor. In this case our credit card processor policy applies.

Regarding the Fair-Play agreement (fairplay )
ISC software can determine whether or not you currently have an anagram program running on your computer.

If the program finds that a program well-known as an anagram program is running, it transmits this information to the server. This information is used for the sole purpose of identifying people who are not respecting the agreement.

The software collects and transmits this information only for players who have signed the agreement and it is stated so in the finger information and only if the players are playing.

The ISC software does not monitor any activity nor access any data beyond what is listed above.